A Revolutionary Payment System

Our journey started in 2015 in the University of Cape Town in South Africa, where four legends of information technology (Mr. Yusuf-Ali Karbelkar‚ Mr. James Kleyweg‚ Mr. Florian Buhringer, and Miss Louise Stoch) laid the foundation of this online payment method. Their aim was to make a payment system which would make the South African e-commerce market more inclusive to the wider South African population by offering the unbanked economy and those concerned with online payment security a viable payment method.

Payebo History South Africa Tower

Unfortunately, the founding members were unsuccessful at launching this project. However, in 2019, Mr. Mark L. Horn and his team took over this project and registered Payebo in Delaware, USA.

Payebo Founders

In 2019, the basis for the development of Payebo was the experience of a group of company founders consisting of financial experts, certified lawyers, economists, and team of programmers who were competent in the e-finance industry at the foundational level.
Payebo’s analysts have carefully studied all the payment systems that exist in the world today, as well as all the approaches to estimating costs in this economic category.

Subsequently, a new payment system was offered to the world which combined all the progress and best achievements of the global economists and technologists in the fields of electronic currency.

We are following this principle in the creation of Payebo. People around the world will be able to utilize Payebo’s exceptional online payment services once it is launched. The whole world will witness a revolutionary payment system with air-tight security.

We will make Payebo the future of eCommerce payments. The world electronic payment systems has shown that financial control over a legal and a physical person may be complicated by the different tasks that are created by the system's users. As a result, Payebo aimsto offer its users the maximum functionality and simplicity of its easy-to-use payment system. Payebo is designed to make finance control equally convenient, both for complex business structures with multimillion-dollar turnovers and for individuals using e-money.

Payebo Founders

Due to the globalization of finances, a wide range of currency in the world economy causes a lot of inconvenience for many companies that run their businesses in different countries.

Payebo will solve this problem by creating a convenient and universal tool for transactions among participants of eCommerce. Our goal is to provide people with the opportunity to process any transaction worldwide by using only Payebo.